Eating with Braces: Alternatives to Foods You Can’t Eat

Eating with Braces Alternatives to Foods You Can’t Eat Orthodontists

We know how frustrating it can be to not be able to eat certain foods when you have braces. It can be a real deterrent for people who are considering braces. While we know that there are no ways to eat the foods on your “no” list, eating with braces can still be enjoyable.

When you have a craving for something you can’t have, here are some suggestions for you to try instead. We know it is not perfect, but these braces are temporary and will provide you with permanent results. One day you won’t ever have to think about these restrictions again. In the meantime, here is what we suggest for you!

Make Eating with Braces Enjoyable with These Swaps

Let’s say you’re at the movies with friends and you want something to eat while you are in the theater. Popcorn is on the list of things not to eat. They can get stuck under the wires and between brackets and the hull can cause damage to your braces. There is a special kind of popcorn that you can find that does not have hulls or kernels that is safer for you.

An easy swap to make when you need to would be on taco night. If everyone is having hard shell tacos, you can ask for a soft shell taco. This will prevent you from damaging your braces. You can still enjoy taco night with soft shells.

Are you itching for a sugary snack? You know that sticky foods are definitely not on your approved list of foods. If you want to have something that does not risk you damaging your braces but still gives you the sugar you want, you can have a sucker, soft chocolate (like truffles), or peanut butter cups. There are a bunch of candies that are safe for you to eat. You do not have to write candy off when eating with braces.

Risks When You Break the Rules

You can break brackets and snap wire when you ignore the rules on what you can or cannot eat. You do not want to have this happen. It is an extra trip to your ortho’s office that you did not have to make.

Also, the snapped wire can cut up the insides of your mouth. Sometimes the wire snaps in a way that you can use dental wax to cover it to minimize how much it cuts your mouth.

However, you don’t want a couple of bites of something you were not supposed to have to result in a very uncomfortable waiting period to see your orthodontist followed by a treatment to fix the damage. This is all very avoidable.

We certainly do sympathize with you. Eating with braces can feel limiting. Remember that it is not forever, but the results of your braces are.

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