3D Dental Imaging for Diagnosing

3D Dental Imaging for Diagnosing WNY Orthodontists Free Consultation

Are you in need of dental treatment and want to know more about how your dentist will diagnose your condition? 3D dental imaging is needed in order to provide you with a proper diagnosis.  Please keep reading to learn more about it. Our WNY orthodontists offer free consultations if you need more information about your treatment. Call us today to set up an appointment.

i-CAT Scans

If your dentist needs to get a good look at your teeth in 3D in order to give you a diagnosis about your craniofacial structure, they will likely be looking to get you an i-CAT scan.

The process of this type of imaging will only take a few seconds. When you use it, it is a great benefit to you because it will allow you to be exposed to less radiation. This type of imaging has been deemed revolutionary because of how quick it is and how much less radiation it involves. It also is renowned because the imaging can be targeted to a specific area.

This scan is a type of 3D dental imaging is used to help ensure that the right treatment is going to be used on you. You might need it in order to determine whether or not you will need your wisdom teeth out. It can also help determine if your adult teeth have all grown in.

CBCT Digital Imaging

This is a 3D dental imaging that is used to look at the position of your teeth. You will be able to get a good look at the jawbone, the roots, and even more. This is a little bit of a longer scan but it is still very quick. It is about 20 seconds to get a result. The level of radiation is still also quite low. It has evolved from older forms of CT scans.

This might be a necessary scan for you to do before you can receive an implant, surgery, or TMJ treatment.

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Concerns About Dental Imaging

If you have worries about being exposed to radiation, you need not worry too much. The level of radiation that you are exposed to is very minimal. And if you have been asked to get imaging, your dentist has decided that the benefits far outweigh your risks.

If you are pregnant and need dental imaging, it often means that your dentist believes that, if you do not receive this imaging, it can be worse for your pregnancy.

It is generally believed that children are more sensitive to radiation. Again, the risks are going to be very minimal, and your dentist would not order it if the potential benefits were not worth it.

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