How Long Do You Wear a Retainer?

How Long Do You Wear a Retainer?

Having braces is a long-term commitment. It extends even beyond the day you get your braces taken off. You may be wondering, how long do you wear a retainer? You want to make sure you are wearing your retainer the right way to maintain the work that your braces did for you. When people do not wear their retainer correctly, it can reverse all of the braces’ benefits. Here is what you need to know.

Retainer Tips

You are going to be given particular instructions from your orthodontist about how to wear your retainer. We will clarify before you head off after the appointment where you get your braces removed what your instructions are.

If your child is in their teenage years getting their braces off, we typically suggest that they wear their retainer all the time for up to eight weeks after their braces are taken off. Eventually, they can go from wearing it full-time to wearing it just at night. According to Science Daily, most people (58.2%) get removable retainers that they can take out and clean.

Wearing your retainers to bed is especially important because that is when many people grind their teeth which can shift your newly aligned teeth.

With teenagers, if we know that they have wisdom teeth coming in, we suggest that they continue to wear their retainers to bed every night until we can determine whether the wisdom teeth will affect their alignment.

Some people do not have wisdom teeth. Others have all four. Some people who have all of their wisdom teeth will not experience issues when they come in, and for others, it can be the exact opposite.

If we foresee issues with wisdom teeth, we can remove them. If we think that your wisdom teeth can grow with no problems, we can monitor how your retainer feels. If you don’t feel like things are getting too tight and your retainer still fits, there is no need to worry about them. As long as they do not shift your teeth, they can stay.

After that, generally speaking, you can start wearing your retainer a few nights a week to maintain your alignment.

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