Dental Insurance with Braces

Dental Insurance with Braces

If you or your child need braces, you are likely curious about dental insurance with braces. You probably already have your questions ready to ask the orthodontist. We would be happy to set up a free consultation to talk about the orthodontic treatment that is needed and how insurance will play a role. This is an investment that is worth it.

Initial Braces Consultation

Not everyone is going to need the same treatment. Depending on what you need and how involved it will be, it will change the amount that you get charged. Your free consultation is where we determine what you will need to correct your alignment and bite. Once we know what you need, we can start talking about dental insurance with braces or possible financing options.

Options for Paying for Braces

One of the options that we offer is financing the payments. It is a very popular option for people that we offer in our office. You can pay for the braces in smaller monthly payments. This does not require that you pay interest as this is not a loan. You will give an initial payment, then pay in monthly increments. People tend to like this option if they cannot afford to pay for braces in one lump sum.

Another option for financing is out-of-office financing. This can be through a private financer. You might not need to give an initial payment, you could defer interest, and there is a possibility for extended monthly payments. We have plans with CareCredit that you can look into if this sounds like the right option for you.

Dental Insurance That We Accept

If you have dental insurance, you can possibly have it cover some of your fees for braces. We can submit your paperwork for this and apply for the benefits so that your dental insurance with braces can be covered.

Here is the list of dental insurance plans that we accept:

  • Assurant/Dental Health Alliance
  • Aetna
  • United Concordia
  • UNUM
  • SunLife
  • CSEA
  • Delta Dental
  • GHI
  • Guardian
  • Healthplex
  • Met Life
  • Pro Benefits/Dental Shop/Dental Pay Plus
  • Cigna

Remember, we offer a free initial consultation. That appointment is not going to cost you anything. You do not have to worry about dental insurance for braces for that appointment. We do ask for your insurance information before this appointment. It can help us figure out financing with you quicker.

Sometimes your dental insurance benefits can seem hard to follow but we can help you find out what amount of the finances that they can cover for you.

We will look into how much of the fees they cover, how they intend to pay for this, and what other benefits are covered.

Sometimes your dental insurance can cover up to 50% of the fees. That does not actually mean that your braces are going to cost you half of the price because of something called lifetime maximum allowance which can vary based on your insurance plan.

We never want the cost of braces to stop you from investing in your smile. We also encourage adults who are unhappy with their smiles to get the treatment that they need to become confident again. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, 25% of orthodontic patients are adults. It is never too late!

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