Does My Child Need to Get Braces?

Does My Child Need to Get Braces WNY Orthodontist Consultations

You likely look at your child’s smile and wonder if they will need to get braces at some point. The surest way to determine whether they need braces is to schedule a free consultation with our WNY orthodontists. The following goes over the many potential reasons why your child might need braces now or in the future. Please give us a call if you have any questions about early orthodontic treatment.

Reasons for Early Orthodontic Care

The following are several reasons why kids may need to get braces. If you have questions, we can get you the information you need during a free consultation with our WNY orthodontist.

Have Bite Issues

Five possible bite alignment issues may indicate your child needs to get braces. The five types of bite issues are overbites, underbites, open bites, crossbites, and deep bites.

An overbite has the top jaw hanging away from the bottom jaw when your child bites down. An underbite is the opposite, where their bottom teeth are in front of their top teeth when they bite down.

Crossbites may have several teeth in front or behind when they should be the opposite.

Open bites won’t have the teeth touching when biting down, and deep bites are the opposite, where the top teeth cover too much of the bottom jaw.

Suck Their Thumb

Thumb sucking, especially if your child did or does it past a certain age, can cause them to require orthodontic treatment. Thumb sucking can ruin a child’s tooth alignment and bite. More so, the roof of your child’s mouth can become compromised if they suck their thumb. If your child sucks their thumb, try to encourage them to stop, then meet with our WNY orthodontists right away to see if they need to get braces now or in the future.

Have Crowded Teeth

When there is not enough room for all of your child’s teeth to come in, they can begin to crowd. Genetics may play a role in having a smaller or misaligned jaw. Also, if your child was born with a cleft palate, they are more likely to have crowded teeth.

Do All Kids Need to Get Braces?

Not every child that goes into the office for a free consultation will be told that they need braces. Orthodontists do not want to put braces on kids who do not need them. Early orthodontic treatment will be recommended when we feel it is necessary for their oral health.

If you are told that your child should get braces, we will provide you with thorough information as to why we have recommended this treatment and how it will help them.

Many kids will need braces, but there are a lot of kids who will never require orthodontic treatment. Allow us to help you learn about your child’s orthodontic needs.

Schedule a Free Consultation to Find Out if Your Child Needs to Get Braces

Our WNY orthodontists can help your child get the treatment they need. Call us when you are ready to schedule your child’s complimentary consultation with our dedicated and experienced orthodontists. We have seven locations throughout WNY for your convenience.

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