Common Early Orthodontic Issues

Common Early Orthodontic Issues WNY Orthodontists Free Consultation

In days past, parents would wait until their child hit their teen years to bring them in to see an orthodontist. At this point, their children already had issues, to begin with. Now, you can bring your child in much earlier to address early orthodontic issues. We can correct them sooner now, which makes for more affordable and less complex treatment. Give our office a call to schedule your child’s first free consultation.

Early Orthodontic Issues We Look For in Kids

When a child reaches the age of seven, they usually have their first permanent molars, which makes this a good age to bring them into the orthodontist for the first time. We look for several types of early orthodontic issues at this point. Schedule your free consultation with us to learn more about treatments your child may need.


If your child’s teeth do not line up correctly when they bite down, they may have a crossbite. They may have one or several teeth that don’t up correctly. All of their front teeth should sit in front of their bottom teeth when they bite down.

Crowding Teeth

Crowded teeth can happen if there is not enough room in the mouth for the teeth that are coming in. Crowded teeth present risks of dental cavities and tooth decay because it is harder to clean those teeth properly when they overlap.

Open Bites

If your child bites down but their teeth do not touch, this is called an open bite. Habits such as thumb sucking can cause an open bite, but it may also be due to how their jawbone has developed.


An overbite is usually genetic but can also be caused by thumb sucking or pacifier use. Overbites are when your child’s lower jaw is shorter than their top jaw, creating a gap between the teeth when they bite down.


Underbites are the opposite of overbites. An underbite indicates that the lower jaw is larger than the top jaw. Your child’s bottom teeth will cover their front teeth when they have an underbite. Underbites are caused mainly by genetics.

Gaps Between Teeth

If your child has gaps between their teeth while they are young, don’t jump to the conclusion that they need braces quite yet. Gaps are very common in young children. However, we will observe them to stay on the lookout for early orthodontic issues such as clicking jaw, speech problems, and premature loss of baby teeth.

Are Braces Always Needed?

You may wonder if every child who goes to the orthodontist will have braces put on them. This is not true. Many children won’t need orthodontic treatment, and it does not benefit them at all to treat them if they do not require it.

If your child does not present any early orthodontic issues, they can have periodic checkups as they age to ensure no problems present themselves in the future. By their teenage years, you should have a good idea of whether they will ever require orthodontic treatment.

The only way to know for certain whether your child will need orthodontic care is to bring them in for a free consultation.

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If you are concerned about your child’s smile, don’t hesitate to bring them in to meet with our WNY orthodontists to be examined for early orthodontic issues. Schedule their free consultation with us right away.

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