Clear Aligners: Alternative to Braces

Clear Aligners: Alternative to Braces

Braces are not for everyone. Teens who are embarrassed to have a mouth full of metal are often mortified at the idea of traditional braces. Adults who want to straighten their teeth who do not want to look like they’re in middle school again are opting out of traditional braces as well. Clear aligners offer an alternative to braces.

If you or your child want to know more about invisible aligners, we would be glad to meet with you for a free consultation. Keep reading to learn more about clear aligners, and then give us a call!

Do Clear Aligners Work as Well as Braces?

If you or your child are looking into getting clear aligners instead of traditional braces, there might be some concern about whether or not they work as well.

The reason why invisible aligners are so popular is that they produce the same results that traditional braces do. They work a little differently than metal braces, but nonetheless are effective at correcting your alignment.

However, if you have more severe orthodontic issues that require dentofacial treatment, then clear aligners might not be right for you just yet. These are really meant to help fix moderate orthodontic issues.

Are Invisalign Clear Aligners?

Yes, Invisalign is a type of clear aligner. There are others on the market, but Invisalign is the most popular and widely used clear aligner.

In order to get Invisalign, you need to see an orthodontist who has been certified to provide them as treatment. We would love to see you in our office right away for an Invisalign consultation.

We love Invisalign because you do not have to worry about what to avoid eating like you would with traditional braces. You do not have to worry about the emergencies that can come with having brackets and wires. Invisalign just needs to be cleaned and stored properly when you do not have them on your teeth.

The biggest Invisalign emergency we hear from people is that they accidentally had them thrown away at a restaurant when they put them in a napkin to eat.

Set up a Free Invisalign Consultation Today

If you or your child are interested in clear aligners, we would love to take your call right away to set up a free consultation. You will be assessed by our Buffalo orthodontists to see if Invisalign is right for you. Then, if we determine we can proceed with this treatment, you can enjoy the benefits of having orthodontic treatment without the embarrassment of metal brackets every time you talk, laugh, or smile.

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