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Learn How Invisible Braces Can Help Enhance Your Smile & Improve Your Confidence!

Invisible braces, more commonly known as Invisalign, are an alternative to traditional metal braces. While metal braces use metal brackets on every tooth connected by thick, tight wires to align or straighten your teeth, invisible braces are made of thick plastic. Orthodontists may also commonly recommend invisible braces, otherwise called aligners, to patients after having metal braces to continue the treatment of alignment after removing their braces if treatment was not fully successful. They are called ‘invisible’ because they are made of clear plastic that is virtually invisible to the naked eye when you are wearing them.

Invisible braces are made custom with precise machinery and are guaranteed to fit your teeth snugly. Depending on the extent of the damage, the process of alignment using invisible braces can take anywhere from 1-2 years to fully align a smile. On average, though, you can expect to have them for around 12 months as long as your case isn’t too severe. Invisible braces can either be ordered online or at the orthodontist’s office, which is recommended. The price can vary from 2,500 to 8,500 depending on how many trays you need to receive. Typically, older teens or adults have invisible braces due to their ability to be removed and hidden during daily life.

Why You May Need Invisible Braces

Having proper tooth alignment is not just about having a straight smile. Straightened teeth can minimize your chances of tooth decay and gum disease. Crooked teeth can negatively hinder the growth and health of your mouth. With crooked teeth, bacteria will build up between the gaps of your teeth and in between touching teeth, which could ultimately result in gum disease and tooth decay.

Eventually, the bacteria will continue to spread out to other parts of your body, affecting your overall health. Setting up an appointment with your orthodontist about making a plan to receive invisible braces will not only save you from the long process of metal braces, but you will also be able to start the process at the same appointment and begin enjoying straight teeth almost immediately! The invisible braces process is a simple two-step process. Read below to find out more.

Process of Getting Invisible Braces

First, during the consultation appointment, your orthodontist will need to take a Dental x-ray to examine your dental structure and imprint of your teeth. Next, a scan of your mouth will be taken to create a virtual three-dimensional model of the shape of your mouth. This scan will be sent to the Invisalign company or dental laboratory to create your perfectly shaped custom aligners.

Within a few weeks, you will receive your custom aligners, perfectly fit to every detail including the outline and cut of each of your teeth. Being that this process is so precise and how the machines work, your aligners are guaranteed to fit snugly. Every two weeks, you will receive a new tray of aligners that are differently shaped from the previous. This gradually pushes your teeth into the appropriate position. Receiving invisible braces is a simple and easy process that will leave your teeth straight and in the most desirable position.

Can Braces Fix A Weak Chin?

In some cases, braces can be used to correct a weak chin. This all depends on a few different factors. The amount of correction that is needed along with what is needing to be corrected matters the most. Something as simple as moving the teeth into their proper place while also having a healthy bite and having the lower and upper jaw in the proper positions can make the appearance of the chin different.

Can Braces Fix an Overbite?

Braces are the most common treatment when looking at an overbite. Braces use a two-stage process that is helpful to most individuals. During the first stage the metal brackets are tightened to the teeth and are then connected with a metal wire to align and straighten teeth. After your teeth have appeared to be straighter, your orthodontist will then put more of their focus on fixing your overbite.

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If you need your teeth straightened and you don’t want to receive the traditional metal braces that are often offered, visit our Buffalo orthodontists today to discuss the option of receiving invisible braces. Easier and more convenient due to their removable and clear nature, invisible braces can provide you with the most natural-looking form of braces. Best for teenagers and adults who want to hide the fact that they have braces, you can successfully wear invisible braces and look like you don’t have anything on. Contact an orthodontist at Orthodontists Associates of Western New York to arrange a free consultation and learn more about Invisalign and invisible braces.

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