Using X-Rays for Orthodontics

You may be considering orthodontic treatment but have questions about how we utilize the latest x-ray technology when administering orthodontic care. When you come for an orthodontic consultation, we make it a practice of evaluating all of your past dental records including x-rays, diagnostics, and exams.  Watch this video by Dr. Andrew J. Dusel to learn how using CBCT X-Rays for orthodontics help us quickly and accurately diagnose your dental issue.

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  • Looking at a patient clinically gives us only part of the information we need to make a complete diagnosis.
  • During the initial clinical exam, we evaluate the way the bite fits together. We also look at photos and discuss baby teeth that are falling out as well as adult teeth that are coming in.
  • X-rays give us a full picture of the patient’s development by allowing us to see developing adult teeth and – most important of all – how the jaws fit together. X-rays also enable us to measure growth and development, including the lengths and widths of both jaws and their position within the skull. This is an essential component of an orthodontic record.
  • Another important element is the mold of the patient’s teeth. We use this to create study models that allow us to see how the bite fits together and how the teeth fit together. Molds enable us to better plan an individualized treatment approach.

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