Adolescent Orthodontic Treatment in Buffalo, NY

Adolescent Orthodontic Treatment in Buffalo, NY | Orthodontists

Adolescent Orthodontic Treatment in Buffalo, NY

Some of people’s most formative years occur throughout their adolescence. Having a positive outlook on life can significantly impact their future life, as those years help them gain confidence and happiness with themselves. However, if your adolescent experience is negative, it could leave lasting side effects throughout adulthood. One of the most common negative experiences in adolescence is the lack of self-confidence. A common cause of this is appearance. The smile is one of the most important aspects of someone’s physical appearance, and it can make or brae self-confidence. If your child is experiencing the negative side effects of a crooked smile, adolescent orthodontic treatment in Buffalo, NY can help.

What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a branch and specialty of dentistry that focuses on alignment of the jawbone and teeth. Not only can orthodontists correct oral issues, but they can detect and prevent them from worsening in the first place. Having your child visit an orthodontist can give you insight into what they can expect with their teeth in the future and ways in which you can get a head start on maintaining their straight, confident smile.

Common Adolescent Orthodontic Issues

There are many orthodontic issues that an adolescent can experience, but some are more common than others. Two of the most common adolescent orthodontic issues that teenagers face are abnormal bites and, irregular dental spacing. These two umbrella issues are split into a variety of subgroups of dental issues that adolescents may have.

For example, under abnormal bites, there are overbites, underbites, open bites, overjet bites, and crossbites. Each of these bites come with their own unique set of complications and potential hazards. When your child’s bite is improper, it can cause painful eating and chewing, teeth grinding and wear, and general discomfort. Under irregular dental spacing, your child may have crowded or widespread teeth. When the teeth are crowded, they put pressure on each other and often overlap one another. However, when the teeth are widespread, they have large gaps between each other. Both of these can lead to discomfort and wear. If your adolescent is experiencing any of these orthodontic issues, they could benefit from orthodontic treatment.

Why Get Adolescent Orthodontic Treatment

The adolescent age is one of the best times that a person can receive orthodontic treatment. First of all, by the age of 12, the majority of your child’s adult teeth should be visible and fully erupted. This means they do not have any baby teeth left to grow in. Because there will be no more adult teeth erupting, there will be no concern of leaving or making space in the mouth for more teeth to grow in.

Additionally, between the ages 10 and 18, the jawbone begins to complete its development. Because of this, no major jawbone changes will likely be experienced. Hence, as orthodontic treatment shifts the teeth in the jawbone, they can become permanent relatively soon after treatment.

Lastly, orthodontic issues tend to get worse with age, not better. The sooner you treat your adolescent’s orthodontic issue, the less stress they’ll experience with their teeth in the future.

Find a Top Orthodontist

There are a variety of adolescent orthodontic treatment option available, so it’s important you discuss these options with a skilled and knowledgeable orthodontist.

If you’re looking for a reliable orthodontist for your teenager in Buffalo, Orthodontists Associates of WNY is here. We specialize in all types of orthodontic treatment for a wide range of ages, including adolescents. For a free consultation or to have any of your questions or concerns answered, call us today.

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