Crowded Teeth

Are you self conscious because of over-crowded teeth and want to find out ways to correct the issue? Oftentimes, patients come to our office and ask if crowded teeth can correct themselves over time if left untreated. Watch the following video by Dr. Dominic Colarusso Jr. to find out why we always recommend early treatment to correct crowded teeth. If you are considering orthodontic care to correct crowded teeth, please contact our office today to arrange a free Orthodontists Associates of WNY consultation.

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My entire career, I’ve always talked to my patients, typically telling them that a bad bite when you’re young is a bad bite when you’re older. I wish I could tell everybody that crowding goes away, but it typically doesn’t. Poor alignment between upper and lower teeth typically doesn’t. Unfortunately, malocclusions when you’re young are malocclusions when you’re older.

Some things can appear to look better at times. For example, with upper anterior teeth, parents will come in and say, well, they used to have spaces and the spaces aren’t there anymore. They may have a poor relationship between their upper and lower teeth. There may be some crowding. Again, we don’t look at a situation and say it looks good or bad. The orthodontist should be looking at your bite and telling you whether or not it is most stable and most functional or not. We’re trying to achieve most stable, most functional relationships because it’s what promotes good dental health.

When we talk about one particular problem, TMD, temporomandibular disorders, to avoid temporomandibular disorders, sometimes they refer to it as TMJ, clicking or popping in the joint or headaches associated with your bite, these are for real problems. Having a good occlusion that’s balanced is going to help avoid those in a lifetime. Those are functional issues that we talk about. Why it’s important for teeth to meet together properly and again have a balanced type of a bite. There’s a lot of parts to the oral system. You have joints. You have jaws. You have the dental component which is the teeth that sit within the framework. You have a neuromuscular system that runs all of this. All of these parts need to function in harmony if you’re going to want to end up with a nice, stable, functional relationship that’s going to promote good dental health a lifetime.

Download Our Free Early Treatment Orthodontics Guide

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