Palatal Expanders in Buffalo, NY

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Palatal Expanders in Buffalo, NY

As you age, your bones grow and shift. This means that when you’re younger, your bones are more moldable and adjustable than when your bones are permanently fixed. For children that have a misaligned bite, otherwise known as a malocclusion, a palatal expander could be just the tool they need to correctly treat their oral alignment. If your child’s jawbone is too small or if their palate is causing them oral issues, Palatal Expanders in Buffalo, NY, may be a great first step.

What is a Palatal Expander?

A palatal expander is an orthodontic device that is used to widen the upper jaw and palate area. There are two types of palatal expanders: bonded or removable. As the names suggest, a bonded palatal expander is physically bonded to the mouth, and removable palatal expanders can be taken out from time to time.

They are both made of metal, and they both work by gradually pushing out both sides of the jawbone to allow for the growth of new bone. The time that a palatal expander takes to work depends on the size and severity of your child’s case, but the average length that a child wears a palatal expander ranges from a few weeks to a few months. By making the upper jaw wider, a variety of conditions can be treated.

What Conditions Can a Palatal Expander Treat?

Palatal expanders can be used for a variety of orthodontic treatments including crossbites, crowding, and impacted teeth. A crossbite occurs when a child’s jaw is too narrow to fit in proper alignment with the lower jaw, so often the back teeth of the upper jaw sit behind the lower teeth when the mouth is closed, yet the front upper teeth remain in front of the lower front teeth. By using a palatal expander, the upper jaw expands allowing for more space in the mouth.

Next, when the teeth are crowded, it is usually due to a lack of room in the oral cavity. There is not enough room to accommodate for all of your child’s teeth. To potentially solve this issue, a palatal expander can increase the size of the upper jaw to make room for the teeth to grow naturally.

Lastly, impacted teeth, or teeth that are unable to erupt through the gums due to a lack of space, can benefit from a palatal expander by providing more room in the oral cavity for these impacted teeth to grow in fully. If you think your child has an orthodontic issue where they could benefit from a palatal expander, speaking to an orthodontist sooner rather than later can prevent future dental issues from developing.

Cost of Palatal Expanders

Because palatal expanders are all custom made and unique to the individual, the cost of treatment depends on the severity of your case and the type of expander that your child receives. On average, though, you can expect to be charged between $2,000 and $3,000 for a palatal expander. However, palatal expanders are often considered medically necessary and can be covered by insurance programs.

Get Your Child’s Palatal Expander Today

If you think your child is suffering from an orthodontic condition where they could significantly benefit from a palatal expander, speaking to an orthodontist is the first step.

Here at Orthodontists Associates of WNY, we can walk you through the process of receiving a palatal expander and answer any questions you or your child might have. Our trained staff will make your child look and feel their best. Contact us today for a free orthodontic consultation!

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