Invisalign Adult in Buffalo, NY

Invisalign Adult in Buffalo, NY Orthodontists Associates of WNY

Invisalign Adult in Buffalo, NY

It’s never too late to fix your smile. Your smile is often one of the most noticeable features of your face. If you’re unhappy with the way it looks, it can throw off the way you feel every day. Not to mention, when you try to hide your smile, you could be closing yourself off to the world around you. However, at this stage in your life, you may not want to wear traditional metal braces to align your teeth. Thankfully, there is another option for you – Invisalign Adult.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a relatively new orthodontic technology that allows your teeth to get straightened without the look of metal braces. This is done using a clear set of aligners, also called trays, that gradually shift the position of your teeth. They work in an identical fashion to braces, but they are more innovative in that they hug your teeth rather than sitting atop them. Each smile is unique, so each person deserves their own personalized set of aligners instead of a one size fits all metal bracket.

How Does Invisalign Work?

The process of receiving Invisalign adult aligners is fairly simple. It all starts with a visit to your orthodontist to determine if you qualify for Invisalign. Most people with non-severe dental issues do qualify. Next, your orthodontist will take a 3D scan of your mouth using an iTero Element scanner. This takes up to 6,000 images per second and get a better fit than the traditional physical impression taken for metal braces.

After the scan is complete, the images will be sent to a lab so they can expertly craft your unique set of aligners. Each aligner is a slightly different shape than the previous one. Every two weeks, you’ll switch out your tray and your teeth will shift to the shape of the new aligner.

This, over time, moves your teeth to their ideal position in your mouth. Treatment typically lasts at least a year; however, your orthodontist will determine the expected length of treatment dependent on how significant your case is. At the end of your Invisalign treatment, you’ll be left with a straighter smile!

Benefits of Invisalign Adult in Buffalo, NY

As an adult you may not feel comfortable with the idea of getting traditional braces, and that’s okay. Luckily, Invisalign allows you to get straightened teeth without the look of metal sitting atop your teeth. This is the first and most obvious benefit of Invisalign, but there are many more. With Invisalign, you’re free to eat what you want, when you want. That’s because each time you eat, you’ll remove your aligners.

Another benefit of Invisalign Adult is you’ll spend less time in the orthodontist’s office and more time doing whatever else you’d rather be doing. Instead of sitting in an office waiting for your metal braces to be tightened, your short visits allow you to get back to work, family, and your social life.

A final benefit to note about Invisalign is the comfort that comes with it. Say goodbye to metal scraping and scratching the inside of your mouth, and say hello to soft, barely noticeable aligners hugging your teeth. Sure, you’ll feel a little sore when you change your trays, but in comparison to traditional braces you’ll likely be much more comfortable.

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