Preparing For Braces

Preparing For Braces Orthodontists in Buffalo, NY

Are you or a loved one considering braces to help you achieve the healthy and beautiful smile you deserve? Unless we win the genetic lottery, many of us will have to receive orthodontic treatment at least once. Those of us who face issues such as misaligned teeth, jawbones widened with palette expanders, or dental trauma can benefit from wearing braces, which slowly guide teeth into the ideal positions. Keep reading to find out what you need to know when preparing for braces.

Receiving braces is not as simple as a single visit to an orthodontist’s office, though; there are several steps to be taken so that by the time that the braces are ready to be glued onto the teeth, both the orthodontist and the patient know exactly where the braces will be situated and how much time should pass before the braces can be removed. In the video below, Western New York orthodontist Steven J. Hietanen outlines the steps you can take when preparing for braces.

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Preparing For Braces

Many new patients are excited about getting started with orthodontics. However, certain steps must be taken when preparing for braces. First, we take a set of records, perhaps even on the day of the first visit. Then, after reviewing those records, we discuss those records with the patient and the parents to ensure that everybody is in agreement and to ensure a thorough diagnosis of how to proceed.

Orthodontics can start relatively quickly after that discussion appointment. The first step in preparing for braces often takes place on the day of our discussion. We feel that the proper diagnosis makes those discussion and analysis steps critical. Even so, patients can start treatment relatively quickly. But it is important for the patient to wait until they hears us discuss the case. We feel it is the most important thing we do for our patients.

Early orthodontic treatment has its advantages, as well. Managing dental/facial growth and development leads to a nicer-looking, more individualized orthodontic result. We are also better able to identify contributing factors to poor dental/facial growth and development. If left untreated, these can contribute to relapse after treatment. In fact, we prefer to be interceptive and proactive in our approach to orthodontics, rather than taking the traditional reactive approach.

If you or a loved one has questions about what steps should be taking when preparing for braces, contact our office for guidance. We offer free orthodontic screenings for children and have five convenient office locations throughout Western New York.

Our Buffalo orthodontists and professional staff are committed to delivering the highest quality patient care. We proudly provide orthodontic services for children, adolescents, and adults, specializing in early treatment for children. Doctors Dominic A. Colarusso, Jr., Steven J. Hietanen, and Andrew J. Dusel have equipped their offices with cutting-edge technology and computerized systems to provide excellence in diagnosis and treatment planning.Call today and let us put a smile on your face.

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