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With proper teeth alignment, not only can you feel more positively about yourself, but your mouth is more functional than it would be if your bite was misaligned. Unfortunately, misalignment is a significant issue in people’s oral condition today. Many people go without help or improvement from dentists and orthodontists, letting their conditions worsen. This can cause problems over time, especially in terms of your teeth and jaw. Without proper teeth alignment, you are likely to experience harm or discomfort after a life of an improper bite. There are plenty of ways in which malalignment is not good for you, and just as many reasons as to why having a proper teeth alignment can improve daily life. Let’s take a look at the importance of maintaining proper teeth alignment below.

Types of Malalignment

Before we discuss the negatives of malalignments, people must recognize the different types of improper dental alignments that exist. One of the most common forms is called an overbite. An overbite occurs when your top teeth sit over your bottom teeth when the mouth is closed. In severe cases, you won’t even be able to see the bottom row of your teeth. Another common form of misalignment is known as an underbite and is the exact opposite of an overbite.

An underbite occurs when your bottom row of teeth sits in front of your upper row of teeth when you close your two rows of teeth together. This condition is worse than an overbite in that it is more difficult to fix and can cause harmful issues. The third most common dental malalignment is known as a crossbite, which is where part of your teeth, most commonly the back, are positioned either on top of or behind the other row, when a separate section, commonly the front, are the opposite. This is one of the worst forms of malalignments.

Negatives of Malalignment

When you have misaligned teeth, you are likely to experience painful or inconvenient side effects. For example, those who suffer from misaligned teeth often have an altered facial appearance and facial structure, causing self-consciousness. Additionally, you are more likely to bite the inside of your cheeks and lips. This can lead to irritation and significant pain over time. Similar to this, people can suffer from discomfort when they chew or eat normal foods. When this happens, people get increasingly fed-up with the status of their teeth. Lastly, those who suffer from a form of dental malalignment often have headaches and jaw pain caused from an improper bite or grinding of the teeth. In order to solve these issues, it is important to maintain proper teeth alignment by getting treatment.

Benefits of Proper Teeth Alignment

When you have proper teeth alignment, you will be able to smile more confidently and perform daily tasks easier. You’ll no longer be concerned about eating or biting your food in a particular way to avoid biting your cheek in a painful manner. Also, you will no longer suffer from severe headaches or jaw pain caused by biting incorrectly. Having proper teeth alignment is one of the most important aspects of having a healthy oral cavity.

Treat Misaligned Teeth

If you are one of the many people in the world who have misaligned teeth, finding solutions fast can ensure you won’t have a lifetime of pain. For treatment, visit an orthodontist. They can discuss options with you to properly align your teeth and therefore allow you to live a normal and comfortable life. Options include palate expanders, braces, or retainers to shift teeth into the proper position, depending on how severe your case is. Visit Orthodontists Associates of Western New York to learn how we can help you achieve proper teeth alignment and the smile of your dreams. Call today for a free complimentary consultation with our dedicated Buffalo orthodontists.

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