Correcting Crossbites

Have you been searching for a solution for the cross bite you or a loved have been suffering from? Crossbites are often seen between a person’s front teeth. This may sometimes indicate that the lower jaw fits poorly in size and shape relative to the upper jaw. Watch this educational video by dedicated Buffalo Orthodontist Dr. Steven J. Hietanen to learn how orthodontic treatment is crucial in correcting crossbites permanently.

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  • Many patients come into our office with one of several different types of crossbites. For instance, a unilateral posterior crossbite occurs when the upper jaw is too narrow to accommodate the lower jaw. In such cases, the patient often attempts to find a comfortable way to bite by doing so with their lower jaw off to one side.
  • Patients whose upper jaw is the more narrow may show a bilateral cross bite. This condition generally does not shift the jaw to either side because they get “comfortable” in their mid-line.
  • Patients who have protruding lower jaws or large lower jaws – described in orthodontics as class threes – may have an inter-crossbite where their upper front teeth are behind their lower ones.
  • Because crossbites come in different shapes and varieties, and can vary from patient to patient, their the treatment is correspondingly different. However, it is important to recognize the effects of crossbites and consequently seek effective treatment.

If you are looking for ways to correct your crossbite, or are considering orthodontic care for yourself or a loved one, please contact our office today to arrange a free Orthodontists Associates of WNY consultation.

Download Our Free Early Treatment Orthodontics Guide

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