Orthodontics and Missing Teeth

Are you missing a tooth, or several teeth and have questions about whether we can provide orthodontic care to help replace your missing teeth? In this educational video, Buffalo Orthodontist Dr. Steven J. Hietanen explains the correlation between orthodontics and missing teeth, and why our orthodontic office does not assist in the actual replacement of missing teeth, but can help lay the foundation for having your tooth replaced. If you have a missing tooth, or any questions about the orthodontic treatments we provide, please contact our office to schedule a free consultation today.

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  • Many patients come into our office seeking orthodontic treatment with a missing or failing tooth that may require extraction. The question arises as to whether we should replace those missing teeth.
  • The actual replacement of missing teeth falls into the purview of the patient’s general or restorative dentist. So, for this type of patient, orthodontists will usually create a space that will allow the general or restorative dentist to do their best work. We basically lay a foundation for that replacement tooth.
  • If the patient is too young for replacement therapy, their care must be managed. In such cases, we may create retainers with false teeth attached to fill the spaces where teeth are missing. This is only until the patient reaches an age when the restorative dentist is able to replace the teeth.

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