Fixing a Crossbite With Orthodontics

Fixing a Crossbite With Orthodontics Orthodontist in Buffalo, NY

Understanding and Treating Crossbites: Your Guide to a Healthier Bite

Crossbites are common bite irregularities that can lead to dental problems and discomfort. Learn how to address them early for a brighter smile.

Do you or your child have an unusual bite? It might be a crossbite, a dental misalignment that can cause various issues over time. Discover what a crossbite is, why early treatment is crucial, and how orthodontics can help.

What is a Crossbite?

A crossbite is a dental condition where the upper teeth don’t align correctly with the lower teeth. In a crossbite, the back-bottom teeth overlap the back-top teeth, or the front-bottom teeth sit in front of the front-top teeth, unlike the typical alignment where upper teeth either directly align with or slightly cover the lower teeth.

Crossbites usually manifest in childhood and don’t self-correct. Early identification and treatment are essential to prevent long-term oral problems.

Fixing A Crossbite with Orthodontics

Early intervention is key when it comes to crossbite correction. Orthodontics offers several treatment options:

  1. Palatal Expander: This device widens the upper palate, creating more space in the mouth. It’s ideal for children with a growing palate, as it allows for permanent correction as they grow.
  2. Removable Expander: Designed for adults, this option is less invasive and can address minor crossbite issues.
  3. Traditional Braces: Braces can effectively align the teeth, improving the bite’s alignment.

Regardless of the chosen method, orthodontics can deliver remarkable results for crossbite correction, ensuring a healthier smile for you or your loved one.

Why Early Treatment Matters

Addressing a crossbite promptly is crucial. Delayed treatment can lead to tooth damage, decay, and discomfort over time. Consult with your local orthodontist to create a treatment plan that suits your needs, ensuring a natural and confident smile.

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Don’t wait if you suspect a crossbite issue in your child. Early treatment leads to better results. Even as an adult, you have options to correct your crossbite and prevent further damage. Contact Orthodontists Associates of Western New York for a free consultation and start your journey toward a healthier smile.

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