Childhood Orthodontics: Does My Child Need Braces?

Childhood Orthodontics Does My Child Need Braces Free Consultations

At a certain age, it is time to start thinking about brace for your child. You might not know whether or not they need braces. We can help you determine what your child needs. Childhood orthodontics differs for kids based on their dental needs.

When you want to learn more about what kind of dental care your child needs, give us a call right away. We care deeply about getting your child the care they need to have the best smile possible.

What Does Childhood Orthodontics Address?

We can treat a variety of issues in our office for your child. If your child is going to have major gapping in their teeth, we can correct that with treatment. If they are going to have issues because of an underdeveloped jaw, we can correct that with surgery. That might not happen if they are too young, but we can always plan for the future. If your child has an over or underbite, we can address those issues as well. The treatment we offer is varied.

What Happens in a Free Consultation

We can give your child a thorough oral examination to see what dental needs your child has. We may take imaging to look at the jawbone, teeth coming in, alignment, etc. Having imaging done will give us a better idea about what is needed to treat your child.

Childhood orthodontics is often based on how your child’s teeth are going to develop. If we can foresee an issue such as wisdom teeth that are going to shift your child’s teeth alignment, we can plan for the future.

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If you are ready to learn more about childhood orthodontics and whether your child needs treatment, please give us a call right away. We would be more than happy to get your child set up with a free consultation.

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