Do Crooked Baby Teeth Need Treatment?

Do Crooked Baby Teeth Need Treatment Free Consultations

Does your child have crooked baby teeth? You may wonder if this is a cause for concern. To learn more about what an orthodontist would do for your child’s teeth, please keep reading to learn about early orthodontics. If you would like to get your child in front of a dentist right away, please call our office to set up a free consultation.

Why Does My Child Have Crooked Baby Teeth?

If your child has all of their baby teeth, also referred to as deciduous teeth, you may be starting to think about orthodontic treatment. If you notice that your toddler has big gaps between their teeth or their front few teeth are pushed out away from their back teeth, this may be because of habits that they have. That could include thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, or using a pacifier.

It is completely normal for children, especially toddlers to have gaps between their teeth, slight alignment issues, or even the appearance of an overbite. Keep reading to learn if these issues require treatment.

Do Crooked Baby Teeth Require Orthodontics?

Many parents are always thinking ahead for their child’s future. They may be wondering if their child’s crooked teeth mean that they are going to need orthodontic treatment.

There are certain things that you should do if your child has bad oral habits such as sucking their thumb, tongue thrust, or using a pacifier. While most of the time, kids are going to stop using a pacifier well before they have any adult teeth coming in, if your child sucks their thumb or has a tongue thrust, this may require orthodontic treatment in the future.

These are really more warning signs that could indicate that they will have issues in the future. Orthodontics is not for baby teeth that are going to fall out in a few years. Baby teeth also are not clear indicators of what your child’s adult teeth will look like.

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