Orthodontic Treatments for Sinus Problems

Orthodontic Treatments for Sinus Problems Orthodontist in Buffalo, NY

Though orthodontic devices are thought of most often as tools to align teeth, they can also play a role in relieving issues in the throat. Common issues that prevent individuals from breathing normally through their noses can be reduced and even eliminated through direct and meticulous orthodontic care. In the video below, orthodontist Steven J. Hietnanen outlines orthodontic treatments for sinus problems, and how airway blockages contribute to improper breathing practices, allowing orthodontics to solve these problems once and for all. If you or a loved one is having trouble breathing during the day, or at night, contact us today to arrange a free consultation and learn about the available orthodontic treatments for sinus problems.

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Orthodontic Treatments for Sinus Problems

First of all, we will look at a record and then try to see the nasal cavity. Furthermore, we will review the relative size of nasopharynx to the tonsils. Blockages in the airway will contribute to a low tongue position. Patients who cannot breathe through the nose will unfortunately become mouth breathers.

Keeping your tongue low creates a width in the upper jaw. So, when there is conic low tongue position, the width of the tongue narrows. It will not go back to its normal self unless an orthodontist fixes it. The narrow upper jaw can decrease the width of the nasal cavity. Surgery of tonsils and adenoids are only part of the battle along with orthodontics to get the most favorable outcome to the issue.

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If you have questions about orthodontic treatments for sinus problems, the dedicated Buffalo orthodontists as Orthodontists Associates of Western New York can help. Our mission is to be recognized as the leading Orthodontic Practice of Western New York with an emphasis on Early Treatment. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and let our experience work for you.

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