Dealing with Braces Pain

Dealing with Braces Pain

Dealing with Braces Pain

Do you need advice for dealing with braces pain? Seeing our orthodontists for a free screening can be beneficial if you are really being bothered by the discomfort. In the meantime, here is what you should know.

Dealing with Braces Pain | Placement

A lot of times, patients come into the office wondering, “Do braces hurt?” Interestingly, the truth is that, in and of themselves, braces are not painful. It is the forces braces apply to the teeth that actually cause discomfort. When we place braces, there is usually no pain associated with the placement itself. Once wires are placed onto those braces and begin to move the teeth, it is actually the wires that ultimately cause discomfort; however, that doesn’t usually happen immediately. Rather, it usually occurs the following day and dissipates soon thereafter.

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Dealing with Braces Pain | Continued Pain

In the past, when braces were put on, patients would suffer discomfort for weeks on end. Today, however, it’s very often observed that a patient who initiates orthodontics experiences some discomfort on the second and third days and then, beyond that point, their teeth will not be sore at all. In treatment, it is important to monitor this because, if pain persists beyond those first few days, it may be caused by something the orthodontist needs to address, such as ineffective rubber band wear or wires that may not be doing exactly what the orthodontist designed them to do. It is important to recognize that persistent pain in orthodontics is not a good sign.

Dealing with Braces Pain | Dental Wax

If you feel that the inside of your mouth is getting irritated from rubbing against the metal brackets, you can find relief with dental wax. Just take a small piece of this wax in between your fingers, roll it into a ball and mold it over the bracket that is giving you trouble. It will last until you are ready to eat next. Just remove the wax before so you don’t eat it, then replace it after you’ve finished. You can do this as often as you need to.

If you have any further questions about dealing with braces pain, please call our experienced orthodontists today at any of our five WNY locations for a free screening.

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