Best Foods for Braces

Best Foods for Braces

Best Foods for Braces

You probably already got the list of foods that you cannot eat when you have braces, but what are the best foods for braces wearers? You shouldn’t feel like your options are being limited when you get braces. It’s more like your options are changing. There are still plenty of foods that you can enjoy. It may even broaden your tastes now that you have to explore new foods.

Best Foods for Braces | Meats

If you were never someone who liked hard, crunchy foods to begin with, this may be good for you. Obviously, you want to avoid the tough, well done steak that would bother anyone’s teeth. If you’re looking for protein, you would want to gear towards turkey, chicken, ground beef (meatloaf is a great option), deli slices, fish, and tofu. Tofu isn’t a meat, but for vegetarians, it’s a great source of protein and plenty soft enough to be chewed.

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Best Foods for Braces | Fruits and Vegetables

Oranges, kiwis, and cantaloupe are all great choices for someone who has braces. Any soft fruit that is easy to chew will be a good option for you. As far as vegetables go, you are going to want to cook the crunchy ones down to get them soft enough to enjoy.

Best Foods for Braces | Dishes to Try

There are so many cuisines that incorporate soft foods that are safe for braces. Tacos and burritos that include have meat, cheeses, grilled onions, and avocado would be an excellent idea for a meal. All of the ingredients including the tortilla are safe to eat with braces. Indian food such as butter chicken tends to have very soft and tender textures to the dishes and is enjoyable. Breakfast foods general are all safe. You can make any type of eggs, pancakes, muffins, yogurt, and sausage. All are great choices. Spaghetti and meatballs are also fantastic. You probably have already had this classic as a staple in your diet. You definitely don’t have to give that one up.

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