What is an Intraoral Scanner?

Are you wondering how the intraoral scanner can benefit you in treatment? In this educational video, experienced Buffalo orthodontist Dr Andrew J. Dusel provides insight on what exactly an intraoral scanner does and how digital imaging helps us provide more accurate, and less invasive orthodontic care. If you have questions about orthodontic care, contact our office to schedule a free consultation today.

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  • Another technological advance that’s emerged within the past couple of years is the Intraoral Scanner. The Intraoral Scanner is basically a wand that has a video camera attached to it.
  • The device enables us to obtain a video of a patient’s teeth and create digital models of their entire mouth. This is particularly helpful because nobody enjoys using the impression material instead.
  • Instead, we get that “impression” image digitally. We then send those digital models to companies like Invisalign without having to use the molds.
  • We submit the resulting images to Invisalign in a seamless process instead of the previous long ,drawn-out process.

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