Untreated Orthodontic Problems

Have you been putting off orthodontic care that you need and now have questions about how letting your orthodontic problems go untreated can affect you in the future. Any contributing factor that is left untreated can cause an unstable end result. Learn about untreated orthodontic problems and why it’s important to address them early in this educational video by Dr. Dominic Colarusso Jr.

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Any contributing factor that is left untreated may affect the stability of the results of orthodontic work. We have witnessed many cases like this, in which children grow into their teenage years and they continue to suck their thumbs or breathe through their mouths. These can become significant problems if patients decide that they want to wean themselves off their retainers.

We often talk about morphological successes and functional failures in orthodontics. Morphological success occurs when an orthodontist and a patient achieve their goal, but changes occur when the patient stops wearing a retainer. This is where the Zero Base philosophy helps us; our approach to diagnosis is comprehensive, so we consider all of these contributing factors when we conduct our initial diagnosis and clinical examinations. We prepare for these problems so that when a patient has finished orthodontic work, all the contributing factors have been mitigated.

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Download Our Free Early Treatment Orthodontics Guide