Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatment

You are here because you want to learn more about our two-phase orthodontic treatment philosophy. Early screening and treatment is very important in our practice, and is a core part of our philosophy. Watch the following video by dedicated Buffalo orthodontist Dr. Dominic Colarusso Jr to find out why.

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At Orthodontists Associates, we emphasize the importance of early screening and treatment, directing dental-facial development towards a strong skeletal and dental relationship once all permanent teeth have erupted. This early treatment is also known as appropriate early treatment and Phase I orthodontics. Phase I comprises all actions taken early in the orthodontic process, typically in the mixed dentition. Alignment of anterior teeth using partial braces may be considered as part of a Phase I treatment plan. This phase involves treating many of the contributing factors to poor dental-facial development.

Phase II orthodontic treatment commences once every permanent tooth has emerged. This phase usually entails a full set of braces once Phase I orthodontic treatment has concluded. Typically, Phase II treatment will put the detail into malocclusion. Phase II can only begin once all the adult teeth have erupted, meaning that evaluation for this phase can occur several months or even years after Phase I has finished.

During Phase I, we observe dental development until all the permanent teeth erupt. Then, we determine whether there is a stable or a functional relationship between the upper and lower rows of teeth. If Phase I has produced functional results, Phase II orthodontics may be irrelevant to a patient’s dental health. If we think can improve upon the results of Phase I, we recommend a full set of braces to detail. Phase I can begin when a child is as young as six years, but only once all the permanent teeth are present do we recommend a Phase II orthodontic treatment plan. By and large, most of our child patients undergo the two phases of orthodontics before high school begins.

If a child is on a bad path of dental-facial development, we do not typically recommend that the child’s treatment be delayed. We do not subscribe to the philosophy of waiting until a patient is older and has all of her or his permanent teeth. Always waiting until a child has reached a certain age is a reactive approach to orthodontic treatment. We choose instead to be proactive, employing Phase I and Phase II orthodontic treatment as early as needed.

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Download Our Free Early Treatment Orthodontics Guide