Phase Two Orthodontics

Have you been considering orthodontic care and have questions about phase two orthodontics? In the following educational video, experienced Buffalo orthodontist Dr. Dominic Colarusso Jr. explains phase two orthodontics and whether both phases are always required.

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There are times that we have foregone Phase II orthodontic treatment because of the work that we performed on patients at younger ages. It is important to achieve balanced occlusion, and Phase II treatment can put additional detail into the bite. The objective of Phase I treatment is to try to get as close as possible to our goal by the time that the last baby tooth falls out and the last permanent tooth erupts. If we can get there, we have been successful in Phase I treatment. Putting on a set of braces is easier than correcting larger skeletal and dental discrepancies, and braces can treat those factors that have continued to contribute to poor dental-facial development.


Download Our Free Early Treatment Orthodontics Guide

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