Orthodontic Aesthetics

Are you considering orthodontic care and have concerns about achieving a good aesthetic result for your child’s teeth? In the following educational video, Dr. Dominic Colarusso Jr. discusses orthodontic aesthetics and how it promotes good dental facial health. If you have questions about orthodontic aesthetics, please contact us today to arrange a free consultation.

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A parent may suggest to the office that her or his child’s teeth look straight. Many parents are most concerned about an aesthetic result; they want their children’s teeth to look nice. It is important for us to explain that the bite and how your top and bottom teeth relate to each other is just as critical as how the teeth look. We try to create and promote the most stable and functional relationships as it is possible to achieve. This is what promotes good dental-facial health.

When an orthodontist creates good relationships between the upper and lower jaws and teeth, the result always looks pleasant. The aesthetically appealing outcome is going to be there if we take care of the more important elements—creating stable and functional relations. A patient should be able to wean him- or herself off a retainer and maintain the stable results. Unfortunately, some patients are lifetime retainer wearers. Nevertheless, one should have solid goals and objectives in mind, because overall health is key, and consistent maintenance may be necessary.

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