How Does Orthodontics Work?

You might be here because you have questions about orthodontics. A frequent question we receive from new patients is “exactly how does orthodontics work?” To learn how an orthodontist can help correct and enhance your smile, watch this video by dedicated Buffalo orthodontist Dr. Andrew J. Dusel.

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  • Meetings with patients and their parents, often include the question, “How does orthodontics work?” The answer depends on each patient’s specific situation and the type of treatment needed.
  • The first step for some patients is to create space for the teeth to be made straight which often includes expansion. This is so we have the space we need when the time comes to put braces on or use Invisalign.
  • For adults, treatment may be a tad different because we do not have the same options when it comes to creating space. However, as far as how orthodontics work in general, it basically creates space through expansion or other means. Following this, we use braces, Invisalign, or other modalities to make the teeth straight.
  • The last aspect is just making sure the upper and lower jaws fit together as they should.

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