The Ideal Goals of Orthodontics

Do you have questions about the goals of orthodontics, and whether we can help correct your orthodontic issues? In this video, experienced Buffalo orthodontist Dr. Steven J. Hietanen explains the ideal objectives and goals of orthodontic care. If you are considering orthodontic care for yourself or a loved one, please contact our office today to arrange a free Orthodontists Associates of WNY consultation.

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  • Orthodontics has, as its ideal goals and objectives, the achievement of a perfect bite. A perfect bite is one in which there is a functional relationship between the upper and lower jaw, and where the teeth are staggered between one another, intercuspating, or fitting together like the teeth between gears. With that relationship, orthodontists hope to achieve optimal functional stability for the patient’s teeth and musculature.
  • Orthodontic treatment’s added benefits include creating foundations for future dental work. Therefore, this enables the restorative dentist to create their best work.
  • By achieving these ideal goals and objectives, we seek to achieve functional stability in the musculature and the functions that occur inside the oral cavity – whether they involve breathing or swallowing.
  • Orthodontic treatment goes beyond the treatment of teeth to include the side benefit of enhanced aesthetics. However, most patients actually seek our care to improve aesthetics. But in reality, our treatments are geared more toward the functional aspects. Aesthetics are a byproduct of what we accomplish by achieving those other goals.

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