Genetic Dental Abnormalities

You might be here because you or a loved one was born with genetic dental abnormalities that are affecting the growth of the jaw or the teeth. It may be causing feelings of self-consciousness and you want to find a solution. In this video by Buffalo Orthodontist Dr. Andrew J. Dusel, he explains how genetic issues can affect the growth of jaws and bones.

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  • When people wonder how genetics can affect orthodontics, our simple answer is that genetic factors can play a role in our ability to treat patients. We want to know about potential genetic issues that we can then identify in an x-ray.
  • For instance, if parents are missing teeth, very often their children will be also missing teeth. The same holds true for extra teeth. Just like missing teeth, extra teeth are also a genetic component. As in the case of missing teeth, an x-ray can also help identify extra teeth.
  • Another genetic component is the way jaws grow and develop. We may see a patient with an underbite – the most genetically-influenced bite we see. An overbite, too, has a small genetic component. If a parent’s bite is misaligned, their children are likely to have a similar issue. So they should see an orthodontist as soon as they identify that problem.
  • Another aspect that influences the way jaws grow and develop is the environment. This includes several influences such as cheek pressure, tongue pressure and individual habits. Anything from the outside affecting the bite is called an environmental aspect. So there are both genetic factors and environmental ones.

Download Our Free Early Treatment Orthodontics Guide

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