Functional Orthodontics

You may be here because you’ve heard the phrase “functional orthodontics” but don’t really know what it means, and how it benefits your dental facial growth. To learn more about functional orthodontics and the underlying philosophy behind it, watch this video by experienced Buffalo orthodontist Dr. Steven J. Hietanen.

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  • Simply put, functional orthodontics involves the use of appliances that promote a more forward position in the lower jaw and enhance available growth in a patient. The goal of functional appliances is to guide dental and skeletal structures into better relationships, thereby allowing for less tooth movement once the patient’s permanent teeth have erupted.
  • Many of the functional philosophies currently being used were adopted in Europe during the 20th century. Socialized dentistry was a contributing factor leading to adoption of those appliances. The government wanted to find ways to treat the masses more economically. Therefore, they started to use removable appliances in an attempt to influence the patients’ growth at an earlier stage. This was so when they had all their permanent teeth, there would be fewer problems that required corrections.
  • One partner of Dr. Colarusso’s – this practice’s founder – was Carl Gugino, who lectured in Europe during the 60s. He brought some European philosophies back and incorporated them into our practice, making us one of the early adopters of functional orthodontic treatment. Today, we use many different types of functional appliances. In fact, a critical component of our decisions regarding when to use them is timing their use to coincide with our patients’ growth spurts.

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