Does Invisalign Cost More Than Braces?

Are you considering Invisalign clear aligners to enhance your smile but have concerns about the cost? In the following video by Buffalo Orthodontist Dr. Andrew J. Dusel he outlines the differences in price between invisalign and traditional braces. If you have questions about invisalign cost, or costs associated with any other orthodontic treatment, contact us today to schedule a free Orthodontists Associates of WNY consultation.

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  • Patients considering Invisalign very often ask whether it costs more than traditional braces.
  • The answer really depends on that patient’s individual treatment regime. This is because Invisalign treatment is different for different patients. The cost depends on the difficulty of the case, how many trays the patient will require and whether rubber bands will be required.
  • Each situation presents a different degree of difficulty and results in different fees. Therefore, the best way to be sure is for the patient to come in and discuss the treatment time and costs involved with their case.

Orthodontists Associates of Western New York is proud to offer Invisalign clear aligners for patients of all ages throughout Buffalo, LancasterOleanHamburgOrchard Park, and Dunkirk, New York. If you have questions about the cost of Invisalign, please contact us today to arrange your free Orthodontists Associates of WNY consultation. 

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