Cone Beam Scanner

You might be here because you are in need of dental imaging but are looking to find the fastest and least invasive option. In this educational video, dedicated Buffalo orthodontist Dr. Andrew J. Dusel explains how we utilize a cone beam scanner in our dental offices to quickly identify orthodontic issues with less radiation than traditional x-ray machines. If you are considering orthodontic care, or require dental imaging, contact our office today to schedule a free Orthodontists Associates of WNY screening.

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  • A cone beam scanner – also called a CBCT unit – is an x-ray unit. We have one made by a reliable manufacturer that has been around for a long time. An important feature of our unit is that we can take a lower radiation scan that will still give us all the information we need for orthodontics in five seconds. That is roughly the same radiation dosage as you would get in normal flat x-rays.
  • This method provides much more information, including three-dimensional looks at airways. This helps us address issues such as enlarged tonsils or adenoids.
  • Another thing we can see is poorly positioned teeth that have not yet grown into the mouth. We often see teeth that find their way into bad positions. We want to know exactly where those teeth are in three dimensions. A two-dimensional x-ray does not allow us as clear a view of those teeth. This means we we cannot plan as efficiently as we do with a 3-D x-ray.

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