Childhood Growth and Orthodontic Issues

If you are considering orthodontic care for your child, you probably have questions about childhood growth and orthodontic issues. Check out this video by dedicated Buffalo orthodontist Dr. Andrew J. Dusel where he discusses childhood growth and orthodontic issues, and explains if remaining childhood growth can correct an orthodontic problem.

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  • One major reason we prefer to see kids at a young age is so we can take advantage of their growth and development. For instance, if a child has a big overjet – with the upper teeth in front of the lower teeth when viewed from the side – we often need the lower jaw to do some growing.
  • Remaining growth can really help achieve a bite correction. However, it won’t happen by itself. We often need to make the upper jaw the proper size and shape first. We then give the lower jaw the necessary encouragement to grow forward.
  • When we see a young child with an underbite, we know the propensity for the lower jaw is to keep growing. We use that growth period to our advantage. We do so by trying to make the upper jaw fit forward, which is where it belongs.
  • We use the child’s growth to great advantage. We use growth all day, every day in our practice to get bites to fit together better. That is the main reason we want to see patients at an earlier age.

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