CBCT X-Ray Overview

In this educational video, Buffalo Orthodontist Dr. Andrew J Dusel discusses the reasons our office utilizes a CBCT X-Ray and how it allows us to provide better, more accurate, and less invasive diagnoses and treatment. To schedule a free screening with our experienced orthodontists, contact us today.

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  • A major development in orthodontics and dentistry in the last 15 years was the advent of three-dimensional x-rays. The CBCT, or Cone Beam Computer Tomography, has grown rapidly in the past several years.
  • CBCT gives us a three-dimensional look at bone growth and where teeth are positioned. And we learned about it primarily through implant dentistry. If a patient needs an implant, the general dentist or specialist very often takes a CBCT. We then use it in orthodontics to get a clear idea of three-dimensional growth and development.
  • We also use CBCT to look at airways. This is because the way a patient breathes has a significant impact on the growth and development of their jaws, head, neck and facial regions. By looking at airways, we can see enlarged tonsils, enlarged adenoids and any other nasal structures that might prevent patients from breathing adequately through the nose.
  • This new technology improves our ability to fully diagnose cases and ensures that we take care of all underlying problems.

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