Braces and Missing Teeth

Do you have questions about braces and missing teeth? One of the most common questions we receive regarding missing teeth and orthodontic care is whether you can still get braces if you have missing teeth. Watch this video by Dr. Dominic Colarusso Jr, an experienced Buffalo orthodontist to learn more.

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When teeth are missing, it is important to have orthodontic care before the general dentist tries to replace that tooth with an implant, a crown, or a bridge. The alignment of teeth prior to any type of restoration is important. Doing the orthodontic treatment prior to any restoration is similar to building a solid foundation hiring a carpenter to build a house.

When a general dentist is doing restorative work on a malocclusion, her or his ability to do a good job can be compromised. Any time that patients are considering having a restoration, they should arrange an orthodontic consultation before scheduling an appointment with a dentist. It can be expensive to replace teeth. If you are spending that kind of money, you want to make sure the implant lasts and it fits in with your other teeth. At times, teeth may need to be crowned or restored to a certain extent prior to orthodontic work. Patients who have missing teeth and intend to have some type of restorative work should have an orthodontic consultation.

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