i-CAT Digital Imaging

i-CAT Digital Imaging Dental X-Ray Cone Beam CT Free Consultation

i-CAT Digital Imaging

Dental and orthodontic treatment has come a long way during the last few decades, and not just in treatment options. Here is some information that will give you a better understanding of dental technology used at our practice, including things to know about i-CAT Digital Imaging.

What Is i-CAT Digital Imaging?

i-CAT Digital Imaging Dental X-Ray Cone Beam CT Free Consultationi-CAT Digital Imaging is used by orthodontists to create a 3D view of your teeth and the craniofacial structure. It takes less than five seconds. i-CAT Scan is revolutionary not just because of its 3D results and quick use. It also helps protect you from being overexposed to radiation. The technology can be specifically targeted and provides a lower dose of radiation than older options.

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What Are The Benefits?

i-CAT Scan helps ensure that your dental or orthodontic treatment is perfect for you. It gives your dental professional more accuracy and clearer images. If you need a temporary anchorage device, i-CAT® Scan makes the placement options perfectly clear to your orthodontist. For younger people, i-CAT Digital Imaging can still be used. This technology can help dental professionals assess teeth that have yet to surface as well as showing root placement and impactions. i-CAT Scan has different options for use depending on whether you need implants or orthodontic care.

Is it Safe for Pregnant Women?

There are times when pregnant women need dental implants or orthodontic care that may not be able to wait until after the birth of their baby. Although i-CAT Digital Imaging have a low radiation exposure, your dental professional may advise you to hold off as long as possible. There are often temporary measures that can be implemented by your dental professional in order for you to get some amount of treatment now if necessary and wait until after the baby is born for an i-CAT Scan.

If you have any questions about i-CAT digital imaging procedures, or if you are in need of orthodontic care, please contact any of our five Western New York offices today for a free screening.

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