Functional Orthodontic Philosophy

Functional Orthodontic Philosophy

Functional Orthodontic Philosophy

Functional Orthodontic PhilosophyIf you are looking for an orthodontist for your children, you may be wondering what makes OrthoWNY different from any other orthodontist office. This blog will teach you about the functional orthodontic philosophy that we use in our practice.

Functional Orthodontic Philosophy | OrthoWNY

Many times, an orthodontist may choose to use functional appliances. Simply put, functional orthodontic philosophy includes the use of appliances that are given to a patient in an attempt to help promote a more forward position of the lower jaw, thereby enhancing whatever growth may be available. In using a functional appliance, we’re trying to guide the dental and skeletal structures into a better relationship, thereby allowing for less tooth movement once all of the patient’s permanent teeth are completely erupted.

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Many of the functional philosophies now used in orthodontics were adopted in Europe during the early and latter parts of the 20th century. One contributing factor that led to the adoption of those appliances in Europe is that they had socialized dentistry. The government wanted to find ways to treat patients – or the masses – more economically, so they started to use removable appliances and such in the attempt to influence the patients’ growth at an earlier stage so that, when they had all their permanent teeth, there would be fewer problems that required corrections.

One of the partners of Dr. Colarusso, our founder in this practice, was Carl Gugino, who lectured in Europe during the 60s and brought some of these European philosophies back and incorporated them into our practice, making us one of the earlier adopters of functional orthodontic philosophy. Today, using many different types of functional appliances, we try to time the use of those appliances to coincide with the patient’s growth spurts, a critical component to decisions about when to use them.

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    Our family is new to orthodontics. My son just turned 10, and it’s time for him to get braces. I’m trying to look around for good advice since we are inexperienced. I will come back often to keep learning. Thank you for the information!

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