Caring for Braces

Caring for Braces

Caring for Braces Braces can be a great thing. You know that in due time, you’ll have a beautiful smile and the confidence you have been looking for. Whether they are traditional metal braces or invisible ones, caring for braces is extremely important to keep things healthy as well as let them do their job. […]

How Bites Should Fit Together

How Bites Should Fit Together | WNY Orthodontists | Free Screening

How Bites Should Fit Together When you are checking your child’s teeth for any issues, something you should tell an orthodontist about is how their bite lays. Here is what you should know about how bites should fit together. One of the first things I do with new patients is describe exactly how a bite […]

Functional Orthodontic Philosophy

Functional Orthodontic Philosophy

Functional Orthodontic Philosophy If you are looking for an orthodontist for your children, you may be wondering what makes OrthoWNY different from any other orthodontist office. This blog will teach you about the functional orthodontic philosophy that we use in our practice. Functional Orthodontic Philosophy | OrthoWNY Many times, an orthodontist may choose to use […]

Dental Issues Parents Should Check For

Dental Issues

Dental Issues Parents Should Check For If your child’s smile is worrying you, you may be wondering what you, as a parent, should notice about their dental health. Here are four dental issues parents should check for. Dental Issues Parents Should Check For: Teeth Growth Parents often ask, “What should I be looking for on […]

Orthodontic Expander

Orthodontic Expander

Orthodontic Expander If you are concerned about your child’s smile, you may be wondering what can be done to fix their crooked teeth. An orthodontic expander may be the solution. Very often, one of the first orthodontic treatments for children and adolescents is using an orthodontic expander. Expanders can be dental-related, and they work on […]

Pain from Braces

Pain from Braces

Pain from Braces When your child needs braces, you may be worried about discomfort they may experience. Experiencing pain from braces is a common concern that parents and children alike have. A lot of times, patients come into the office wondering, “do braces hurt?” Interestingly, the truth is that, in and of themselves, braces are […]

Dental Growth Questions

Dental Growth Questions Experienced Buffalo Orthodontists

Dental Growth Questions If you are noticing that your children’s teeth need orthodontic work, you may be wondering how their dental growth is affecting their smile. Here are some answers to commonly asked dental growth questions. Dental Growth Questions #1 | What Affects Dental Growth of Jaw People often wonder how genetics can affect orthodontics. […]

Helping Sleep Apnea

Helping Sleep Apnea Experienced Buffalo Orthodontists

Helping Sleep Apnea If you have sleep apnea, you may or may not know why you have it. This can be particularly frustrating considering the expenses of machines for sleep apnea and the severity of the toll it takes on your body. At OrthoWNY, helping sleep apnea is something that we look to do in […]

Crooked Teeth Orthodontic Treatment

Crooked Teeth Orthodontic Treatment Buffalo Orthodontists

Crooked Teeth Orthodontic Treatment If your children’s teeth are crooked, you may be worried that nothing will fix them. When treating crowded or crooked teeth, often the treatment involves creating space for teeth to reposition them. Here is some information about how that is done. How Does Orthodontic Treatment Work? When I meet with patients […]

Top Questions About Braces

Top Questions About Braces | Orthodontists in Buffalo, NY | Orthodontist

Getting braces may be a daunting time for your child. They may be scared about how much it will hurt or worried that they’ll have to give up activities. It may be relieving to know that any activity can be continued once your child gets braces. Here are answers for top questions about braces.  What […]