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Childhood Orthodontic Problems

There was a time when most parents didn’t begin to think about the need for orthodontic treatment for their children until the teenage years. In the past, the trend for orthodontic treatment was [...]

Early Treatment Orthodontics Guide

The Early Treatment Orthodontics Guide was created to help parents better understand the potential benefits of early treatment. Contact us to schedule a Free Screening for your child. If you open [...]

Understanding Cleft Lips and Palates

If you have ever watched Gladiator or M. Night Shyamalan’s Signs, you will most certainly have been captivated by Joaquin Phoenix’s acting. You also probably noticed the scar above his lip which, [...]

Treating Sleep Apnea Orthodontically

We are very glad you found your way to this page. There isn’t a whole lot of awareness out there regarding sleep apnea, even though it is a dreadful life-damaging and life-shortening disease. [...]

The Complete Orthodontic Care Guide

The doctors at Orthodontists Associates of WNY has created The Complete Orthodontic Care Guide to help parents and patients of orthodontics understand the types treatments. As a parent, you are [...]

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