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Preparing For Braces

Unless we win the genetic lottery, many of us will have to receive orthodontic treatment at least once. Those of us who face issues such as misaligned teeth, jawbones widened with palette [...]

Orthodontic Consultations Explained

Time, patience, and consistent maintenance are essential to ensuring that your teeth and gums remain in perfect health. However, due to a combination of genetics, environmental factors, and mere [...]

Two-Phase Orthodontics

How Two-Phase Orthodontics Can Help Your Child Achieve a Perfect Smile Perhaps the most significant physical change that a child undergoes on the way to adulthood is based in oral health. Between [...]

Understanding Jaw Pain

Six Top Reasons Behind Your Jaw Pain Our experienced orthodontist in Buffalo NY knows that pain in the mouth is more than enamel-deep. When a client presents with pain in a tooth, the jaw, or the [...]

Understanding Orthodontic Braces

A lot of people often do not realize this, but technology is central to successful orthodontic treatments. From diagnostic tools and technologies, to the specialized and customized appliances we [...]

Childhood Orthodontic Problems

There was a time when most parents didn’t begin to think about the need for orthodontic treatment for their children until the teenage years. In the past, the trend for orthodontic treatment was [...]

Early Treatment Orthodontics Guide

The Early Treatment Orthodontics Guide was created to help parents better understand the potential benefits of early treatment. Contact us to schedule a Free Screening for your child. If you open [...]

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