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Dental Issues Parents Should Check For

Dental Issues

Dental Issues Parents Should Check For If your child’s smile is worrying you, you may be wondering what you, as a parent, should notice about their dental health. Here are four dental issues parents should check for. Dental Issues Parents Should Check For: Teeth Growth Parents often ask, “What should I be looking for on […]

Dental Growth Questions

Dental Growth Questions Experienced Buffalo Orthodontists

Dental Growth Questions If you are noticing that your children’s teeth need orthodontic work, you may be wondering how their dental growth is affecting their smile. Here are some answers to commonly asked dental growth questions. Dental Growth Questions #1 | What Affects Dental Growth of Jaw People often wonder how genetics can affect orthodontics. […]

6 Common Orthodontic Conditions

6 Common Orthodontic Conditions WNY Orthodontists

You may have an idea that your child needs an orthodontist, but you might not know what exactly their condition is called. Here are the 6 most common orthodontic conditions. Common Orthodontic Conditions #1: Crowding Children usually lose their baby teeth in the same order the teeth came in. If a patient does not lose […]

Upper Jaw Expansion for Orthodontic Correction

Upper Jaw Expansion for Orthodontic Correction

Ideally, our upper and lower jaws would be both even in width and just wide enough to accommodate all 32 of our teeth. For most of us, though, either or both of our jawbones happen to be too narrow, and this can pose a problem during childhood and adolescence as our adult teeth grow in. […]

What Is Interceptive Orthodontics?

What Is Interceptive Orthodontics Orthodontist in Buffalo, NY

Orthodontic work is necessary to provide patients of all ages a functional and aesthetically pleasing smile, and it is a universal rule that the earlier an individual receives orthodontic treatment, the more effective the treatment will be. We recommend that all of our patients allow their children to benefit from interceptive orthodontics to ensure that […]

Orthodontic Treatments for Sinus Problems

Orthodontic Treatments for Sinus Problems Orthodontist in Buffalo, NY

Though orthodontic devices are thought of most often as tools to align teeth, they can also play a role in relieving issues in the throat. Common issues that prevent individuals from breathing normally through their noses can be reduced and even eliminated through direct and meticulous orthodontic care. In the video below, orthodontist Steven J. […]

The Importance of Retainers After Braces

The Importance of Retainers After Braces Orthodontist in Buffalo, NY

Braces are an effective pathway to achieving a perfect smile, but having them removed does not mean that there is no more work to be done. Just as braces shift teeth out of their original positions, the teeth will be inclined to continue shifting once the braces come off. To keep the teeth in place, […]

Preparing For Braces

Preparing For Braces Orthodontists in Buffalo, NY

Unless we win the genetic lottery, many of us will have to receive orthodontic treatment at least once. Those of us who face issues such as misaligned teeth, jawbones widened with palette expanders, or dental trauma can benefit from wearing braces, which slowly guide teeth into the ideal positions. Receiving braces is not as simple […]

Orthodontic Consultations Explained

Orthodontic Consultations | Orthodontist in Buffalo, NY

Time, patience, and consistent maintenance are essential to ensuring that your teeth and gums remain in perfect health. However, due to a combination of genetics, environmental factors, and mere misfortune, everyone has the potential to develop chronic issues that affect the health of the mouth. The alignment of the teeth and the jaws, often a […]

Two-Phase Orthodontics

Two-Phase Orthodontics

How Two-Phase Orthodontics Can Help Your Child Achieve a Perfect Smile Perhaps the most significant physical change that a child undergoes on the way to adulthood is based in oral health. Between the ages of six and twelve, every last tooth in a child’s mouth will fall out and be replaced, and eight new teeth […]