How to Achieve Perfect Teeth Alignment

How to Achieve Perfect Teeth Alignment

Are you unhappy with your smile? When picturing the perfect smile, we visualize straight white teeth. If you have alignment problems that are affecting your bite, give you gaps, or noticeably crooked teeth, then your confidence can suffer. Fortunately, our Buffalo orthodontists can help you achieve perfect teeth alignment. Please keep reading to learn more about how we can help you get the look you love. Call us today for a free consultation.

Fixing Your Alignment with Braces

The most obvious answer to your problem is braces. You can fix most alignment issues with braces. There are of course some issues that braces would not be appropriate for, such as severe jaw misalignment, but generally, if you have a slight overbite, gaps in your teeth, or crooked teeth, braces should be a great fit for you.

We provide traditional metal braces as well as clear braces. Clear braces work a lot like traditional metal braces, but the material is, as the name suggests, clear. This would be suitable for someone who wants the benefits of traditional braces but does not want them to be so obvious.

Options Besides Braces

If you do not want brackets attached to your teeth but still want to achieve perfect teeth alignment, clear aligners like Invisalign are a great option. This is also a great choice if you are an adult who does not want the social ridicule of having braces outside of adolescents.

Invisalign can get similar results as braces, but instead of having anything attached to your tooth, you will be given clear, removable aligners that get changed out as your teeth progress into perfect alignment.

Choosing the Right Option for You

If you are choosing braces for yourself or your child, the right option for you will be based on if you mind having visible braces if Invisalign is appropriate for your teeth, and what your orthodontist recommends. We can help you determine the right choice for you during a free consultation. If you are worried about being embarrassed because of having a mouth full of metal, we can explore clear options. If you do not mind the look of traditional braces, that can be what we go with to get you the perfect teeth alignment that you are looking for.

What You Will Gain

When you fix your alignment, you can gain confidence in your appearance. You might also benefit in other ways. Fixing your alignment can help you chew easier, can resolve pain, and generally give you more comfort.

Fixing your alignment is not all for aesthetics but being confident in the way your smile looks can change everything for you. We want to be able to give that to you. You deserve to love your smile.

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If you want to achieve the perfect teeth alignment, give us a call and we would be happy to get you set up for a free consultation right away. We have transformed thousands of smiles and want to help you get confidence in yours too. Call us right away!

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