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Tongue Thrusting Treatment in Buffalo Orthodontists Associates of WNY

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When people are younger, they are more likely to have development issues with their oral cavity. One of these issues is known as tongue thrust. Tongue thrust, as the name suggests, occurs when the tongue is pushed, or thrusted, too far forward into the oral cavity. This often leads to the tongue getting pushed against the back of the teeth. If tongue thrust lasts into adulthood, it can leave persistent oral issues. Thankfully, there are tongue thrusting treatment options for adults who have tongue thrust.

Tongue Thrust in Adults

Traditionally, tongue thrusting occurs most in babies and young children. However, it is possible for the issue to persist throughout time. Even if an adult has stopped tongue thrusting, they may be dealing with the signs and symptoms associated with their past experiences with tongue thrust.

Most adults with tongue thrust have continued their untreated childhood habits, have chronic allergies, or swelling of either the adenoids or the tonsils.

Lastly, stress could play a role in tongue thrust. Regardless of whether your tongue thrusting developed younger in life or if you started tongue thrusting later in life, there are treatment options for you.

Complications of Tongue Thrusting

Unfortunately, if you or your child is experiencing tongue thrust, there are potential complications associated with it. Traditionally, people who have tongue thrust may have an uncomfortable open bite, speech impediment, or breathe through the mouth. These could all represent a structural abnormality of the oral cavity.

As tongue thrust continues throughout childhood or adulthood, other issues like malformed teeth may be present. This is due to your tongue pushing out on the teeth consistently, thus leading to gaps or an open bite.

Other long-term issues include lisps, an elongated facial shape, and a protruding tongue through the teeth or mouth. If you suspect you may have tongue thrusting, a medical professional may be able to diagnose you and suggest tongue thrusting treatment option.

How Tongue Thrust is Diagnosed

Tongue thrusting can only officially be diagnosed by a designated healthcare professional like a general practitioner, dentist, or an orthodontist. Each of these medical professionals are able to identify the signs and symptoms of tongue thrust and develop a treatment plan for you.

The common signs of tongue thrusting include having an open bite, breathing through the mouth, inability to completely close the lips, seeing the tongue between the teeth, and having a speech impediment.

After these symptoms are noted or identified, the healthcare professional may evaluate your chewing, swallowing, and speech patterns to identify whether the tongue placement corresponds with that of someone with tongue thrust. Once your doctor, dentist, or orthodontist identifies you have tongue thrusting, treatment can begin.

Tongue Thrusting Treatment

Thankfully, if you experience tongue thrust there are treatment options for you. Your doctor, dentist, or orthodontist may help you develop a treatment plan depending on your individual case, but a visit to the orthodontist may be most beneficial.

Orthodontists are alignment specialists, and one of the biggest concerns after tongue thrust is the alignment of the teeth. One treatment option for tongue thrust include orofacial myology therapy which essentially corrects the placement of the lips, jaw, and tongue.

Another tongue thrusting treatment may be speech therapy which could correct the position of the tongue in your mouth.

Lastly, if you visit our Buffalo orthodontists, they can help correct the position of your teeth through braces or other orthodontic procedures.

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