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Free Virtual Orthodontic Consultation in Buffalo, NY - Orthodontists Associates of WNY

Now Offering Free Virtual Orthodontic Consultations at Orthodontists Associates of WNY

As the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, our commitment to providing the highest quality orthodontic care has never been more important. Virtual consultations are recommended by the CDC as the best way to get the orthodontic care you need while avoiding exposure and stopping the spread of the coronavirus.

In these unpredictable times, we want you to know that we are here for you for all your orthodontic needs. Orthodontists Associates of Western New York and our entire team are working tirelessly to ensure that your questions are answered and your needs are addressed.

We are excited to announce we have adopted virtual consultations for both new and existing patients to help them get quality orthodontic care when they need it most. If you are a new patient, click here to get started. Already a patient? Click here to schedule a progress check virtual appointment. We look forward to serving you and your family.

Unsure if your child would benefit from orthodontic treatment? No problem! Schedule a free virtual consultation today and let our dedicated orthodontists and let us help make your family’s orthodontic journey that much easier. The entire process is easy. Simply snap a few pictures on your mobile phone and answer a few questions so our team has what they need to provide an initial smile consultation. You don’t even have to change our of your pajamas!

The entire assessment is free of charge. There is absolutely no obligation to proceed with treatment. We believe knowledge is power and we want to empower you with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision about you or your loved ones oral health. Contact us today to start your smile journey!

How Do Free Virtual Orthodontic Consultations Work?

During your assessment, our doctors will review the pictures and information you submitted and discuss their findings and recommendations. Expect to answer some additional questions during the call to help our doctors better understand your goals and dental history.

We will provide the following recommendations during your free video consultation:

  1. Whether orthodontic treatment is recommended.
  2. If so, whether braces, Invisalign, or another form of treatment would be best.
  3. How long the recommended treatment will take.
  4. The costs associated with the recommended treatment as well as the payment plans and financing options available.

After we have answered all of your questions and addressed any concerns you may have, you will be able to schedule a follow-up appointment at a later date to begin your treatment. Have any questions about our new virtual consultations? Contact us today and we would be happy to guide you through the process over the phone.

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