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Cost of Orthodontics | Orthodontist in Buffalo | Affordable Orthodontics

As most of us are aware, dental procedures and insurance can be quite pricey. This article will help you understand more about the cost of orthodontics and what you can do to make the process easy and affordable. Orthodontics is the process of correcting malocclusions or misaligned bites. Our office works with you to make sure you receive the best treatment plan for you. Our goal is to provide affordable orthodontics and make sure we meet your needs with full understanding.

Financial Options To Help With The Cost of Orthodontics

In some cases, there is no option and orthodontic care is necessary. The cost of Orthodontics may be a worrying factor, but it does not have to be. It is important to remember when you are receiving orthodontic treatment you are making an investment.

There are a multitude of payment options available. We offer inside office financing which includes, payment over time. This plan is interest free and consist of an initial payment, along with the balance being split into payments during treatment. Having smaller payments without interest makes this our most popular option. This payment plan also comes with automatic payments and coupon books.

Other options available to our patients would be outside office financing. These plans also have the capability to not have an initial payment, deferred interest and prolonged monthly plans. This plan is available with CareCredit.

To help offset the cost of orthodontics, dental insurance is needed. Knowing this, our office accepts all dental insurances. There is no back and forth for you to deal with since our office takes care of everything for you. We submit all the paperwork and will apply any benefits you are given in-office toward your cost.

Although we accept all insurance plans, there are benefits to having participating providers. These benefits include lower treatment fees, lower out of pocket expenses and increased insurance benefits. This is one way of reducing the cost of orthodontics.

The first visit to our office is complementary and at no charge to you. Due to this, there is no need for an insurance claim. We will still request insurance information before your first visit to help govern the coverage and let you know what benefits are available to you. This is another step to help you reduce the cost of orthodontics. Insurance is never easy to comprehend, but the benefits do help decrease the financial burden and to provide affordable orthodontics for you and your loved ones!

Once insurance is sorted, certain topics will be discussed such as, covered percentage and lifetime maximum, how the benefit is paid and the coordination of benefits.

Helpful Resources

While knowing the costs of orthodontics is important, it is also important to have all of our resources on hand so you know what to expect. We offer a variety of resources such as care guides, videos, blog posts and even mobile apps!

Finding affordable orthodontics can be a daunting task, but we are here to help you in any way we can. Don’t let the cost of orthodontics prevent you from taking care of you or your children’s teeth we will make the process as easy as we possibly can.

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