Fixing a Crossbite With Orthodontics

Fixing a Crossbite With Orthodontics | Buffalo Orthodontists | Fix Crossbite

All people have a different type of bite. There are bites that are better than others, though, and are all determined by the way your teeth initially grow in and how they’re set in your jawbone. One of the most common kinds of bites is called a crossbite. These are considered malalignments of the teeth, as they are improperly aligned and can cause damage or pain in the long run. If a crossbite is left alone, you are more susceptible to tooth decay, stress on your jaw muscles, and a higher chance of gum disease. Additionally, you are more likely to have more headaches and neck or shoulder pain that can come from the unintentional grinding of your teeth. Because of these potential issues caused from malalignment, finding a solution at a young age is key to treatment and avoiding oral issues in the future. When you or your child first shows signs of having a crossbite, it is important to talk to an orthodontist to identify the best course of action for fixing a crossbite.

What is a Crossbite?

While we’ve discussed what a crossbite can cause, we haven’t identified exactly what a crossbite is. A crossbite can be recognized because of the way the upper teeth sit compared to the lower teeth. When you have a crossbite, the back-bottom teeth overlap the back-top teeth. Another variation, while less common, is seen where the front, bottom teeth sit in front of the front, top teeth and the back teeth are properly aligned. Normally, your upper teeth will either directly align with your top teeth, or your top teeth will be slightly covering your bottom teeth. As you can see, the opposite is the case for a crossbite. Crossbites almost always present themselves during childhood and don’t correct themselves over time. Because of this, it is important to seek correction as soon as possible to prevent long-term oral damage.

Fixing A Crossbite with Orthodontics

There are a few possible ways to fix your or your child’s crossbite with orthodontics. As stated previously, the earlier you begin treatment, the better. The first possible course of action is through the use of a palatal expander. This is used to expand the upper plate of the mouth and allow more space in the mouth. A palatal expander is the best course of action for children who still have a growing palate. This is because it allows the mouth to widen and then firm in place when done growing. A second orthodontic option for fixing a crossbite is with the use of a removable expander, which is better for adults due to its removable nature. Typically, this option is recommended for small improvements. A third, and one of the most common, options for aid includes regular braces. This can help align the teeth and therefore help shape the way your bite is. Regardless of the method that is recommended for your treatment, with the use of orthodontics, you are sure to see amazing results for you or your loved one’s crossbite.

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If your child is developing a crossbite, it is important to contact an orthodontist as soon as possible for treatment options for fixing a crossbite. The sooner the treatment, the better the results can be. If you are an adult, while care may be more difficult, there are still various options for you. The longer you wait until fixing a crossbite, the more damage that will occur over time. The best way to avoid tooth damage or potential decay is by talking to your local orthodontist for a treatment plan option. Doing this can ensure you can live your life normally and not worry about having unnatural wear of your teeth.

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