Benefits of Surgical Orthodontics

Benefits of Surgical Orthodontics

Benefits of Surgical Orthodontics

Are you wondering about the benefits of surgical orthodontics? If you are worried about your child’s jaw alignment, please call our office today for a free screening with our highly experienced attorneys.

Benefits of Surgical Orthodontics | Specialized Treatment

Surgical orthodontics is a type of specialized dental treatment. It is performed by orthodontists and not traditional dental practitioners. The purpose of surgical orthodontics is to diagnose and correct several types of conditions. Some conditions may be as simple as something known as a bad bite. Other conditions may be more serious and your orthodontist may need to partner with an oral or maxillofacial surgeon.

Common treatments that fall under the umbrella of surgical orthodontics include mandibular advancement, mandibular setback, maxillary advancement, maxillary setback, correction of an open bite, correction of a gummy smile, and chin advancement. Of course, that’s not a complete list of treatments that fall under surgical orthodontics.

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Benefits of Surgical Orthodontics | Fixing Jaw Alignment

Usually, surgical orthodontics don’t begin until between the ages of 16 and 18 years old. Of course, it can also be used for older patients. In girls, the jaw usually stops growing around the time that they are 16 years old. In boys, the jaw doesn’t stop growing until they are around 18 years old. The reason why surgical orthodontic treatment doesn’t occur until this age (or later) is because the goal of the surgery is to align the jaws (which create the bite of the patient). If the jaws are still growing, performing surgical orthodontics would not be able to achieve its stated purpose. After surgery, the jaw would still grow and that could cause a misalignment.

Surgical orthodontics is only used when braces and other dental appliances cannot completely fix the bite on their own. Your orthodontist will let you know if you are a candidate for surgical orthodontics. Please call our Buffalo office today for a free screening.

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