Conditions That Feel Like TMJ

Conditions That Feel Like TMJ

Conditions That Feel Like TMJ

If you have one of these conditions that feel like TMJ, you may be wondering if you should head to the orthodontist. It is always better to be safe. Not all jaw pain is associated with TMD. While TMD occurs in around 10-15% of the population, other conditions have similar symptoms. These include:

Conditions That Feel Like TMJ | Sinus Infections

Sinus infections can be really mild and have practically no symptoms passed pressure in the sinuses or they can be severe. Severe sinus infections can do more than cause pressure in the face. It can cause ear pain, dizziness, and some people even experience jaw pain.

Conditions That Feel Like TMJ | Problems with Neck Muscles

As you learned earlier, jaw muscles can cause ear pain. Neck muscles can cause jaw and ear pain. Our muscles in the craniofacial region are interconnected. So, you may not have TMD, but you could have a pulled or strained muscle in your neck and shoulder region that is causing you pain in your jaw and ears.

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Conditions That Feel Like TMJ | An Abscess

If you have an abscessed tooth, it can eventually cause jaw and ear pain. Signs of an abscess, aside from pain, includes a swelling of the face, a buildup of pus under the gum line, a blister like sore on the gum, or even a fever. An abscess requires treatment with antibiotics or it can become life threatening.

Conditions That Feel Like TMJ | Bruxism

Bruxism means that you spend a lot of time grinding or clenching your teeth. It’s likely that you don’t do it on purpose. It is something that you can do in your sleep. The result is often pain in the jaw.

Conditions That Feel Like TMJ | Trigeminal Neuralgia

Trigeminal neuralgia is the inflammation of the trigeminal nerve. This particular nerve gives feelings to your mouth. It can be moderate in nature and only cause minor pain when eating or it can be so severe that the face begins to ache from a soft breeze.

Because TMD has symptoms that mimic other conditions and because it can also cause complications, you should contact Orthodontists Associates of Western New York for a free screening.

Orthodontists Associates of Western New York is proud to offer TMJ and TMD treatment throughout WNY. If you are considering orthodontic care for yourself or a loved one, please contact one of our 5 convenient orthodontic offices to arrange a free consultation.

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