Braces Questions Parents Should Ask

Braces Questions Parents Should Ask

Braces Questions Parents Should Ask

If your child needs to see an orthodontist, you may be wondering what braces questions parents should ask. Here is what you need to know.

Braces Questions Parents Should Ask | Does Every Kid Get Braces?

One common question is, “Do you put braces on every kid you see at an early age?” The answer is no. Very often, what we do is start by trying to create room for teeth to be made straight and make the jaws the proper size and shape. We frequently start with an expander to make more room and make jaws the proper width. Then, we go into braces. Sometimes we do what we call “partial treatment,” using just upper and lower front braces for a short time. That’s just to align things into their proper positions and get things to fit appropriately with the upper and the lower. Then, we give kids a long break while we wait for the rest of the adult teeth to come in. It depends on the patient. Sometimes we just do expansion at a young age and sometimes we do expansion with partial braces.

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Braces Questions Parents Should Ask | Can Remaining Childhood Growth Correct an Orthodontic Problem?

One of the big reasons we want to see kids at a young age is that we can really use their growth and development to their advantage. For instance, if we have a really big overjet – with the upper teeth in front of the lower teeth when viewed from the side – very often, we need the lower jaw to do some growing for us. Remaining growth can really help us to achieve that bite correction. It’s not going to happen by itself, however. What we often need to do is make the upper jaw the proper size and shape first, and then give that lower jaw the encouragement it needs to do some growing forward.

The other thing is that if you see a kid with an underbite at a young age, we know the lower jaw has the propensity to keep growing, so we need to use that growing time to our advantage and try to make the upper jaw fit forward where it belongs. You can use growth to your advantage. We use growth all day, every day in our practice to get bites to fit together better. That’s the huge reason that we want to see patients at an earlier age.

Braces Questions Parents Should Ask | Is There a Cost to Have a Consultation for Orthodontics?

When we get an initial phone call from a patient or a family member of a potential patient, the most often asked question is probably, “Is there a fee for the initial consultation?” The answer is no. There are no fees in our office until we begin treatment. The consultation appointment is a good way to get an idea of what might be necessary going forward and to seek out the available insurance coverage for a patient before ever being tied into any fees.


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